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Contractor Testimonials


Here is what some of our membership contractors have said about The Home Improvement Network.


I first heard of The Home Improvement Network through my nephew. My nephew told me that his remodeling business was receiving a good amount of homeowner leads and jobs from this local contractor referral service in Mundelein. I then drove out to Mundelein to meet with Pete Thomas, the owner of The Home Improvement Network.  I liked what he had to offer me so I decided to become a member of his contractor referral service.  Since then I have received a lot of homeowner leads; sometimes more than what I can handle. Also, I have received a fair amount of jobs over the years that have helped me stay busy during some of my slow times. Pete seems like a very professional businessman and during some phone conversations he has even tried to make positive recommendations on how I could improve upon my business.  I have even called upon Pete when I needed to find a subcontractor. Pete and I don’t always see eye to eye on everything but we have managed to always work things out over the last five years, which is why I have stayed on as a member with his service for so long. Best of all I have made a lot of money over the years from the jobs I have sold through his service.


Mike Bugge


Renovate Inc.

Zion, IL


I would like to thank you for another great year. Your service has been outstanding since I became a member in the spring of 2000. The first few months were a little shaky but ever since than I have had tremendous success with your service. This year your service has even out produced my yellow page ads which now has convinced me to spend less with them next year. Your service has become the most cost effective marketing tactic that I do. This year I have sold over $400,000 from the leads I have received from you. Also, I have been quite impressed with the 50% closing ratio I have achieved with your leads. I have tried a few other contractor referral services over the years and none of them have produced the great results I have received through The Home Improvement Network. Thank you and keep sending me those great leads.

Yours Truly, 

Jason Smith


Prestige Renovations

Chicago, IL


Dear Jason Boe,                                                                                                                                                                                                

My company, Murphy’s Exterior Construction, has been in business just a few years now, and I was looking for new ways to promote my business and find more homeowners that needed roofing done.  When Jason called me, from The Home Improvement Network, and explained their business, I was a bit skeptical at first.  It turned out to be a great service to join, and my only complaint would be that I wanted even more leads than I was able to get.  I landed around 3 or 4 jobs out of every 10 leads I was sent, and many of those homeowners wound up referring me to their neighbors, and it was easily the best marketing investment, dollar for dollar, that I did all year.  I wound up expanding the original service area that I had signed up for, so that I could get more leads, since my success rate was excellent.  Some of the leads were still shoppers, but the majority of the leads I went and gave estimates to were solid leads, and I felt like if they weren’t going to choose me, they were at least serious about getting it done by another roofing contractor, and not just wasting my time.  I have been very satisfied with the success I have had so far with The Home Improvement Network, and would recommend them to any other contractors that are looking for more leads for their business.



Shaun Murphy

Murphy’s Exterior Construction

Germantown, WI


Dear Wisconsin Division of T.H.I.N.,                                                                                                                                                             


I have been with The Home Improvement Network since the beginning of 2003, and have been very happy with the service so far.  I am a remodeling contractor, but I prefer only kitchen and basement leads from T.H.I.N.  What is nice about T.H.I.N. is that they let me choose the specific services ahead of time, so that I only get the types of referrals I truly desire.  So I am not sent bathroom remodels or smaller handyman jobs, just the larger kitchen and basement remodels that I wanted, and I have landed several of those jobs throughout Milwaukee county and Waukesha County.  I was previously a member of NARI and the MBA, but did not get much benefit out of those services.  However, with T.H.I.N., I am only billed when I get leads, so it is guaranteed advertising.  Some months T.H.I.N. sent me just 6 or 7 leads, and that was all I paid for, and in other busier months, they were able to get me 15-20 leads a month, and I was happy to pay more because I actually had more leads to justify the increased marketing cost.  In the spring, there was a period where I landed almost 1 out of every 2 basement leads sent my way, and I am hoping to get more of those leads in 2004.  Even though I will pay for some leads where I don’t get the job, the leads I do land more than made up for it, and I also got some free referrals from those jobs I landed, which only made the T.H.I.N. leads an even better value.  Being with T.H.I.N. allows me to focus more time on giving estimates and producing work, instead of spending all my time trying to find marketing that works, and I would highly recommend their referral service to others.




Ron Schoenbach


Pride and Quality Homes

Muskego, WI


             Contractor Testimonials



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