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Our Company works for you

We dedicate a majority of our time and resources to providing you with the quality leads you are looking for. 

1-on-1 attention

We work directly with each and every single member of our service. We help our members determine an appropriate coverage area and list of services that they would like to receive leads for.

Multiple Sources

Whether it is through our website, a large convention, or a small farmer's market, ee invest heavily in many different events, and technology in order to provide you with a continuous stream of quality leads

Project Details

We make sure to contact each and every single lead prior to sending it out to our members. While we are at it we gather as many details about the project as possible.

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Here are some frequently asked questions

- What can you do for my business?

Once we select you, the contractor, to be a member of our network, we will help you generate more referrals for your particular business trade within your service area. We are one of the most cost effective marketing tactics you can do for your business. You will define your service area and also define your specific services. This way you will receive referrals only in the areas you desire and only for services you have requested. While we generate more business and sales leads for your company we help your business grow a client base for future business too. Once you have started producing jobs though our service you will get additional referrals and positive word of mouth from those customers building your business further.

- How do you generate referrals for my business?

The Home Improvement Network markets itself at local home shows, wine festivals, art festival, county fairs, state fairs, chamber shows, boat shows, summer festivals and other various local trade shows. We are highly skilled and meticulous at generating home improvement sales leads at local trade shows, festival and expos. Each homeowner that contacts our service is screened by a customer service representative or sales representative who is reasonable knowledgeable in home improvements. We believe that personal face to face contact with the end consumer will generate that best qualified referral for our membership contractors. As a member, you will capitalize because we pre-qualify the homeowners for you, resulting in the potential for more productive and better qualified business referrals. This will help reduce some of your costly marketing tactics that do not even produce guaranteed results. This means you will spend less time prospecting for future jobs, and you will be able to put more time and effort into other areas of your business, or spend more time with your family.

- How do you pre-qualify the homeowner names?

The Home Improvement Network talks to each homeowner over the phone or in person. We will ask them questions on the project size, when they are looking to have the work done, are they ready for estimates now, do they have a project budget and collect all of their contact information. If the homeowners are looking to do the project in the near future and they are willing to set-up an estimate with you now we consider this a good lead. We do have a guarantee on the names we send to you too. If you have a hard time reaching a referral we will call that homeowner on your behalf and leave your name and number!

- How do I receive the homeowner names?

Typically we send the homeowner names to you by email or fax which includes an update of your account balance and monthly sales lead count each time. At the same time that you receive that homeowners information from us the homeowner receives your contact information by email with a message for them to give you a call now. This, of course, only happens when an email is given to us from the homeowner.

- How do I qualify to become a member?

We currently have a very large network of local contractors that use our service, and all of them have passed the same screening process that you will go through. We only want to be associated with contractors who have solid business ethics, strong commitment to customer service, and high standards in the production of their work. We meet with all of our membership contractors in person, have them fill out an application, and insist they meet the criteria listed below:

- How is our service different from those web-based referral services?

We pre-qualify each and every lead over the phone or in person at our various trade shows.  This results in higher quality leads, and less time and money wasted by your business on unproductive advertising.  We get descriptions of the projects from the homeowners, as well as a timetable for when they ideally would like to get started.  Being a smaller business, you deal with us directly with any problems or concerns.  You won’t be receiving any impersonal email responses when you contact our company.  We believe being more personal with both of our customers promotes a better business practice and better results.  

- How do I get started?

Call us to get more information over the phone and to set up a face-to-face meeting. Also, you can fill out the form below and submit your information. 

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