Here are some frequently asked questions

- How does your referral process work?

- How do you screen your home improvement professionals?

- How much does your service cost a homeowner?

The Home Improvement Network is a free service to the homeowner. Our home improvement professionals pay a monthly membership fee based on the amount of referrals that we generate for their business.

- Will our job cost more if we use your Service?

The Home Improvement Network is not a middleman. Our membership contractors use our services as an additional marketing strategy for their business. Our contractors do not raise their costs or fees because they received your name through our service. In fact, our membership contractors know that you are being referred to multiple contractors so because of the competition they’re forced to give you their best prices, costs and deals. In many cases you will find better prices, costs and deals through our service then if you tried to find a contractor on your own.

- Where does The home improvement Network Service?

The Home Improvement Network services Chicagoland, and Southeast Wisconsin. In the Chicagoland area, we service all of the northern, western and southern suburbs, as well as the city of Chicago. We also service most towns and cities in the metro Milwaukee area. 

- Which contractors will be calling me back and where are they located?

At the time of your request the Home Improvement Network will not know which of the contractors are going to be calling you for estimates. We have to take your estimate request and cross reference it with our local membership contractors who operate in your area, that meet your specific needs, that are available to give you an estimate, and are available to produce your project in a reasonable amount of time.

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* The Home Improvement Network does not guarantee the referred contractors or the workmanship of the referred contractors. Each referred contractor operates his or her own business independently of The Home Improvement Network. The Home Improvement Network does recommend that before you select any referred contractor from our network or outside of our network that you properly screen them to your satisfaction. Please remember that you are making the final decision on your service provider and you are contracting directly with them. The Home Improvement Network’s contractor check is only an initial check when they join our service and then we depend on feedback from the homeowners that use our service to determine the contractors ongoing performance.